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nTasktic custom forms

In some cases you may wish to ensure all relevant information is provided for task’s of a certain type, in nTasktic this is easy via using ’custom forms’ to create unique task front ends.

Example 1: simple message taking form

A receptionist for a company might use nTasktic to take messages for specific departments of the company. Each department could define a unqiue custom form for its own messages to ensure the receptionists always gathered the correct information.

nTasktic custom message taking form

The pink fields are those that must be completed before the task can be created, in this case the receptionist will need to enter the enquirier’s name and their account number as a minimum.

Once entered the task would be passed to the appropriate person, in this case Alison, and the receptionist will be able to track the progress of the task. So if John calls back asking for an update the recepionist can quickly see if Alison has accepted the task and at what stage of handling the task she is at - without the need to interuppt or contact Alison to find out.

Example 2:

A form to ensure the relevant expense reason is selected and further information provide.

nTasktic expense reclaim message form

nTasktic form designer

A comprehensive form designer is provide in nTasktic allow endless possibilities:

nTasktic custom message taking form designer

In summary:

nTasktic allows you to always ensure the information relevant to a particular job/task is provided, thereby saving time and effort chasing for information making your organization more efficent and effective. With a custom front end for your tasks