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the Business Process Management tool

A multi-user task management software system,

with task status tracking, alerts, customizable state flows, web interface, REST api and more.


It only takes a couple of clicks to create and
assign a new task to your colleagues.play


A small popup keeps you informed as changes
are made to the task.play


Both your office colleagues and remote
workers have full access.

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nTasktic allows a manager to assign tasks to his/her colleagues and to monitor the progress of the various 'states' a given task goes through before finally marking the task as accepted or rejected when the task is considered finished.

To see screen shots and learn more check out the nTasktic Overview.

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- Be effective

With nTasktic your business will have more effective communications leading to enhanced working procedures and reducing misunderstandings giving time and cost savings.

- Be informed

As each a task progresses from one stage to another, everyone connected with the task is automatically alerted by the software.

- Be up to date

The software quickly allows you to see who is doing what, how they are progressing and what tasks are queued up for them and what tasks require your attention - no more wading through out of date emails!